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Predictive Maintenance Software Development


Utilizing high-quality predictive maintenance (PdM) software allows optimization of servicing, improving operational efficiency, and therefore saving big amounts of related expenses. If you are interested in implementing PdM for your company and looking for a reliable experienced software developer, Elinext is just the company you need.

predictive maintenance
Predictive Maintenance Processes in Action
Predictive maintenance concludes a complicated process that includes different stages of working with big amounts of data and upon them:
Gathering the equipment information with the help of sensors
Storing information for the analysis
Conducting the analysis with the help of software
Acting upon the results of the analysis
Elinext is ready to provide you with software that would store the data and be useful while conducting the analysis. For manufacturers and many other industrial organizations, finding the best way to minimize waste and inefficiency can have a major impact on the success of your business. Any decision made with regards to predictive maintenance should also include inputs from employees for the business to ensure that the functionalities required are the ones that are obtained.
Software Services Elinext Delivers to You in PdM
Our Services
As a company that has a big focus on data while developing software solutions, we try to follow all the latest and upcoming trends across multiple disciplines in this domain. We incorporate all the beneficial features into the software we produce to enable impeccable PdM workflow for our clients.
/ 01.
Data and signal processing

Useful data analysis enables all the benefits predictive maintenance is ready to bring to the table. This is the list of functions our PdM software enables:

  • Integration of external data sources
  • Integration of production, process and ecosystem data
  • Data structuring/storage (using ML & AI technologies)
  • Organizing global remote data access management
/ 02.
Condition monitoring and diagnosis

The manufacturing processes won’t be slowed down or stopped entirely if the diagnostics are made in time and act upon accordingly. Big Data tools and data visualisation software developed by Elinext make the monitoring and diagnostics process a breeze. Our solutions help with:

  • Real-time data analysis (Big Data)
  • Supply chain integration
  • Customized user interface visualization
/ 03.
Predictive Ability

Predictive ability is growing as technologies progress. Now our abilities to make educated analysis and prognosis are at a decent level. Our solutions at the moment allow:

  • Making real-time data/image prognosis
  • Creating personalized predictive algorithms creating
  • Recognizing prediction patterns
/ 04.
Decision support

The algorithms of our custom software development help with making final decisions about the maintenance of the equipment. These are the services Elinext software enables:

  • Internal product optimization
  • Business Intelligence
Industries We Cover with Predictive Maintenance
Industries connected with machines producing big amounts of data and fine-tuning their parameters.<br>The range of verticals we work with is quite wide, and we consider all the peculiarities of each and every industry. We are focused on big-time transformation within each industry with the power of predictive maintenance.
High-Tech Manufacturing
Oil & Gas

Ideal maintenance time and improvement of machine performance can be made more efficient by networking and connecting vehicles. Automotive companies have very thorough and tightly integrated supply chains. Therefore, any reduction of downtime is a big opportunity to gain lots of benefits on the way.

Learn more

The emphasis on studying data from planes sensor is on utilizing it to further increase the safety of flights. Therefore, predictive maintenance in this industry has a vital effect sometimes. Shipping parts that need replacement ahead of failure is critical for airline predictive maintenance.

High-Tech Manufacturing

Adjusting the smart manufacturing settings in the proper way after analysing the data helps a lot in budget optimization. Data that comes from PdM dashboards allows correcting maintenance schedule. The companies that possess digital data services are thriving on extended asset lives, improved customer satisfaction levels to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Learn more

It is not just aero transportation that involves heavy machinery. The complexity of different freight, railway or air transport could be the over-the-head big one and could also use help delivered by predictive maintenance. Optimization with the help.

Oil & Gas

Oil & gas industry one of the largest industries out there. Alternative energy sources aren’t able to keep up just yet. Analytics and maintenance could even prevent environmental hazards along the way, let alone keeping the workflow of oil & gas plants intact.

Benefits PdM Solutions Bring to Your Company

Measuring data provided by sensors and evaluating the relevant parameters allows predicting the remaining performance life of components, and machines allows reaching those pinnacles of digitalization.
/ 01.

This can help companies determine the best point in time for maintenance and adjust to optimal operating conditions, thereby improving product and service quality and getting the most out of their investments.

Data measurements from the pre-installed sensors allow evaluating the relevant parameters and predicting the remaining performance life of components, machines, and whole asset parks. That way, companies determine the best point in time for maintenance and adjust to optimal operating conditions. Optimization of investments for maintenance is the key takeaway from here.

Data Analysis
/ 02.

Data analysis is the stage of predictive maintenance operations that tends to lead to a number of insights on the meaning of the features of the machinery and how they describe machine behaviour. Industrial equipment, which generates extensive amounts of data for the analysis. We develop the software that allows this info processing and turns it into useful knowledge. This is possible due to the use of machine learning algorithms and other innovative technologies we use in our work.

Value Creation
/ 03.

PdM enables prediction of future trends in the equipment's operating parameters and accurately determines its remaining operating life (till collapse, or repair). This triggers a profound change in the maintenance strategy and service business model, for the networked production systems.

Case studies
Case studies
The examples of Elinext Predictive Maintenance software that already enable our clients with the ability to make effective decisions on the regard of PdM.
Real-time Data Insights of Machines Performance

The solution comes with a dashboard which helps to monitor the performance of equipment for businesses wanting more control and data of their manufacturing operations.

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Punch Force Calculator for TRUMPF Machines

The task of Elinext was to develop an application for different platforms to make punching calculation simpler and easier to use for end-customers.

image banner
IT Integrity Management System

Elinext team worked on the management console for the system that ensures IT integrity management across different devices within the enterprise, starting from servers, network devices, and databases to desktops and mobile devices.

image banner
IT Infrastructure Management System (QA)

The customer turned to Elinext to perform ongoing testing of their product, which is a multi-module system for real-time collection and management of KPIs across an IT infrastructure.

image banner
SENTRON Knowledge Interface

The customer wanted one universal (iPhone/iPad) application which can scan QR and linear barcodes on different products and get up-to-date technical information.

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Contact Us
Contact Us

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